Tilta’s Khronos System is for Filmmakers Serious About iPhone

A person holding a high-tech, futuristic device with intricate details and lights, focusing on the gadget's textured design and advanced features in a dimly lit environment.

Tilta recently launched the Khronos Ecosystem of accessories that are designed to make shooting with the iPhone a better experience. If a filmmaker wants to take ProRes capture on iPhone seriously, Tilta says Khronos is there to help.

Apple’s latest-generation iPhones are shockingly excellent video capture devices. With the addition of ProRes Log, they got even better. That said, it’s hard not to point out that shooting with a thin metal and glass rectangle isn’t the most ergonomic experience — it makes the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max great for fitting in a pocket, but unpleasant to hold for long periods of time.

That’s where Tilta says its Khronos system comes in. The company says that it pulled from its years of experience making professional filmmaking accessories to produce the world’s first iPhone case with integrated circuits that are also precisely CNC manufactured using aluminum alloy.

Khronos works with both models of iPhone 15 Pro and is meant to not only shield the phone from daily wear and tear, it also offers protection and the ability to expand to a full cinema kit. Installation requires four screws which ensure the case and any connected accessories remain securely attached and it is equipped with multiple mounting points. Tilta says it uses an innovative locking clamp mechanism to provide secure connections for additional accessories and features integrated electronic contact points throughout to allow filmmakers to pass power through the cage and to the attached accessories.

A professional modular camera system displayed against a black background, highlighting various components including lenses, battery pack, and a screen attachment.

“Khronos ecosystem incorporates an advanced mobile solution, providing a variety of professional features such as lighting, monitoring, filters, interface expansion (1/4, NATO, Cold Shoe), power supply, cooling fan, [and more],” Tilta says.

“[It is] a seamlessly integrated mobile imaging ecosystem [for capturing] cinematic experiences to capturing your travel adventures — all in one.”

The Handle, for example, connects to an iPhone 15 via an integrated USB-C cable and uses Bluetooth to control focus or zoom via the dial on the front of the handle. There is also the aforementioned cooling system which is comprised of a 22W variable frequency heat dissipator. When connected to an external power source via USB-C — or using the power from the handle — the system can simultaneously charge an iPhone while also maintaining its temperature while utilizing the MagSafe wireless magnetic connection.

An array of iphone accessories displayed on a white background, including cases, camera filters, a cooling system, and various mounts and adapters, all labeled with their specific functions.

The cage also works with an LED light, has an expansion hub to connect external drives as well as external monitors via HDMI, has an Arca-compatible plate for mounting on a tripod, and features a tray that can mount filters via magnets.

All of these parts and more are available in an array of different kits or sold separately. The highest-end kit, though, runs $569 while filmmakers should expect a $129 asking price for just the iPhone case. The full array of options and parts can be seen on Tilta’s website.

Image credits: Tilta