OM System Warns macOS Changes May Prevent You From Updating Your Camera

Two promotional graphics for om system software: "om capture" and "om workspace," each featuring a camera lens and vibrant digital images on computer screens, signifying photography and editing software.
OM System

OM System issued a warning to users with Apple computers, saying that due to security enhancements associated with macOS, it is possible that updating cameras through a Mac computer may not work correctly.

Update 4/18 @ 1:40 PM PDT: OM System further clarified that it will continue to support both macOS and Windows environments into the future and that there are no current issues. The instructions noted below “are in preparation for potential future USB security protocols that may affect compatibility in Windows and Mac,” an OM System representative explains.

“We do not have specific details about the potential issues or changes that may arise. Because there are no current issues, we do not have plans to post this information on our U.S. site at this time.”

Original story below.

At present, OM System facilitates camera updates through its OM Workspace desktop app that is available for both Apple macOS and Windows machines as well as its smartphone app OM Image Share. While the company doesn’t see any issues going forward for PC users, the opposite is true for those working on Macs.

“Currently, we are using our software OM Workspace to update the firmware of our digital cameras, but due to security enhancements associated with macOS updates, there is a possibility that camera firmware updates may no longer be possible,” the company writes in a notice on its website, translated from Japanese and noticed by Digital Camera World.

“Therefore, if you have cameras or lenses that have not yet had their firmware updated, we ask that you update them as soon as possible.”

In February (and then updated again mid-March), OM System published a detailed notice on its website in Japan that explained older versions of OM Workspace, OM Capture, and OM DVR Updater would still allow for updates up until March 31. However, once April arrived, even this workaround no longer functioned. Now, midway through April, many older versions of the OM Workspace app, for example, may no longer work correctly.

PetaPixel reached out to OM System for comment and it seems as though the language used comes across as more urgent and critical than intended.

“There are upcoming changes to security protocols for USB-connected devices. All OM System users are advised to update their products to the latest firmware version to minimize potential issues with future updates,” a company representative tells PetaPixel over email.

“Please note that this only applies to laptop and desktop devices and does not impact smartphone updates.”

OM System adds that it intends to update its website with the new language shortly, although OM System didn’t say if they would be published on the English version of the site. The fact that this warning has thus far only appeared in Japanese likely contributed to the confusion and is certainly a reason why much of this was literally lost in translation.

It’s not clear if OM System was not prepared for the changes to Apple’s macOS or if the security updates simply did not work as it understood. Whatever the case, photographers who can still update their hardware to the latest version of the firmware on their macOS devices are encouraged to do so as that functionality may not be consistent over time.

If a macOS user cannot update firmware using OM Workspace, the OM Image Share app remains a viable option.