Logitech Poised to Announce a Micro Four Thirds Streaming Camera

Logitech Mevo Micro Four Thirds

Logitech appears poised to announce a new interchangeable lens streaming camera under its Mevo line next week that uses the Micro Four Thirds mount.

The Mevo system is now a few years old and was Logitech’s launch into the streaming video space directly. Billed as a way to make what is typically complex and expensive both easy and affordable, Mevo cameras can be used individually or as a group and are advertised for multiple uses beyond streaming at home, including classrooms, conferences, sports, and music venues.

Last January, Logitech launched a companion app for its Mevo ecosystem called Mevo Go that allowed any Android or iOS device to act as a source for sending video, audio, and screencasting to the Mevo Multicam App, further building an ecosystem designed to be simple and accessible.

While the ecosystem and software support was there, Logitech’s Mevo system has been held back by hardware. Its cameras feature small, low-resolution sensors and while that makes them easy to deploy, it limits the quality they are capable of capturing; the Mevo camera can only broadcast in 1080p Full HD, for example.

That appears slated to change as the company has signaled that it will launch a new camera under its Mevo brand that features a larger sensor and interchangeable lenses. While its website doesn’t specify sensor size or lens mount, an FCC registration from January shows that Logitech planned to announce a “Micro Four Thirds Wireless Video Production Camera,” which the company’s teaser page lines up with perfectly.

According to some reports out of China, the camera will be called the Mevo Core and will be a box-style camera much larger than the current Mevo cameras to accommodate the Micro Four Thirds sensor and mount, much larger 6,400 mAh battery, dual USB-C ports, and HDMI output. It will supposedly also use microSD card slots and be able to capture 4K resolution video at up to 30 frames per second.

It’s not clear if Logitech will also launch any lenses with the system, although the benefit of Micro Four Thirds is that many companies, including Panasonic and OM System, already make many high-quality lenses that would work with it.

Logitech will announce the new camera on March 19 with the tagline “Stream with Vision.”

Image credits: Logitech