Like A Frame iOS App Offers Customizable Digital Framing Options

Three images sliced together with different frames and backgrounds.

Matting and framing photos results in a more polished, professional look. That holds true in the digital realm as well, and the Like A Frame app for iOS makes it easy to do just that.

In 2019, photographer Nick Bedford made an app that was initially just for himself. Originally dubbed Frameable, the app enabled him to digitally frame his images before publishing them online. He wanted something customizable to fit his needs better than what other apps provided.

Like a Frame app for iOS
The Like A Frame app offers lots of customization options.

Like a Frame app for iOS

Now called Like A Frame, Bedford’s app allows users to select a background with any ratio, making it feasible to create framed images for a variety of platforms and use cases. It’s also possible to choose any desired color for the background, much like painting a wall behind a physical frame.

Then, users can select a border (the frame) of any thickness and color. They can opt for a mat of any thickness and color or skip that for a print sans mat. Users can even opt for rounded corners with different levels of rounding. For example, at a 1:1 ratio with Rounded Corners set to 100%, the result will be a circular framed image.

For even more customization options, the app allows users to create a shadow behind the frame, mat, or both. The shadow results in a much more lifelike result, as if it is a photo of a physical print on a wall. Like all other aspects of the app, the shadow setting offers adjustable size, color, and transparency for a high level of customization.

Like a Frame app for iOS

For photographers who like to stay consistent with their brand style, the app allows users to create presets based on compositions they’ve created. Those presets will apply the same settings to any selected photos in the future, making it faster to add frames and keeping settings consistent for a professional look. The presets also make creating content for different needs easier, such as images going to an Instagram Story versus the feed.

Like a Frame app for iOS

Beyond stylistic changes, Bedford also added resizing options in the latest version of his app. He wanted a way to send smaller versions of files to friends, so he built it into the existing app instead of creating something new.

Like a Frame app for iOS

When users are ready to export an image, they can choose to save the file to their device or share directly to various platforms. By default, the export setting saves files as 2000 pixels on the long end, but users can customize this in the Settings menu. The app allows files up to 8K resolution, so those who want to print their digitally framed images will be able to do so.

Like A Frame is available for download in the iOS store. It costs $0.99, but there are no additional in-app purchases or ads to deal with.

Image credits: Photographs by Nick Bedford