Leonardo AI Adds Image Upscaler That Can ‘Revive Old Photos’

Leonardo AI is a generative artificial intelligence platform and it has just released an image upscaler for “reviving old photos or enhancing digital art.”

Called Universal Upscaler, it harnesses the power of generative AI to add not only pixels but extra details as well. It’s a tool that could prove useful for photographers and photo editors, although Leonardo is firmly an AI tool.

How to Use Leonardo AI’s Universal Upscaler

The Universal Upscaler tab appears on the toolbar on the left-hand side of Leonardo.ai, once selected it takes you to the workspace where the user can upload an image or use an AI image they have previously generated on Leonardo.

Various settings can be changed and tweaked: for example there is a creativity bar that will change the image’s details more, but setting it to zero will increase the resolution of the image without changing the features.

An AI-generated image of a crocodile on the Moon. | Leonardo AI
The upscaled version of the same AI image. | Leonardo AI

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is a generative AI art platform based in Sydney, Australia that says it has over seven million users and raised $31 million in a pre-seed round from a group of investors.

Leonardo is powered by Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion and offers a host of fine-tuned AI image generation models including “PhotoReal”, “Vintage Style Photography”, and “Absolute Reality.” There is a general emphasis on fantasy.

You can also animate images on Leonardo AI.

It works by a token system: users get 150 free daily tokens but have to pay if they run out. There are different pricing plans but the top tier is $48 per month which gets you unlimited generations and a host of other perks.