The State of Medium Format in 2024 | The PetaPixel Podcast

With Hasselblad’s 100-megapixel upgrade to its classy 907x medium format modular camera being announced, the PetaPixel Podcast team got to thinking about medium format overall and its place in the current photography market.

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Every half-decade or so, medium format experiences some kind of “resurgence,” and thanks mainly to Fujifilm’s excellent GFX 100 II, many photographers might be interested in jumping over to the large sensor cameras. With Hasselblad’s update to the 907x system last week, the team discusses where each medium format system resides, who they’re for, what they are good at (and what manufacturers want them to do), and what the future of medium format might be.

Is it doing just fine on its current trajectory? Would it be a fantastic platform to bring back a TLR-style camera body? Is it the one place a DSLR still makes sense? Chris, Jordan, and Jaron debate.

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