Strada Is a New Cloud-Based AI Media Workflow App Built by Industry Vets

A person sits at a laptop with the Strada platform pulled up.

A new platform that claims it will reinvent media workflow is on the horizon. Strada, an AI-based cloud platform built for video creatives, is set to be unveiled on February 1st, beginning its early testing phase.

Strada is the project of the Hollywood tech world veterans, brothers Michael and Peter Cioni, as CineD reports. Michael was previously the Global Senior Vice President of Innovation at, while Peter was the Director of Resource Planning at Netflix. They know their stuff in the video realm and understand the challenges that videographers and cinematographers face in their workflows.

“I have been working in production and post my entire professional career; I know if I’m experiencing problems while making content, there are millions of others who are continually frustrated while dealing with the shortcomings of the tool sets available to us. With recent advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning, I believe there are new ways to leverage the cloud to automate and remove workflow hurdles,” says Michael Cioni, CEO and co-founder of Strada.

The brothers announced the first concept of Strada in September 2023. Since then, the developers have documented their journey in a YouTube series called “Building an Alpha.” The team says its focus is to create a cloud-based platform with AI tools. These tools will allow filmmakers to deliver high-quality content even faster by streamlining the process. The program offers an automated workflow solution that will be useful for every level, from beginner YouTube creators to Hollywood cinematographers and everything in between.

To create the new platform, developers at Strada dissected the recurring challenges found in workflows for stills, video, and sound. They then traced these back to the foundational components of each, giving them a firm starting foundation for the new platform. The result is what the company calls the 4 T’s:

  • Transfer: Currently, Strada is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive,, and Lightroom. These integrations allow content creators to see all their media in a single interface and transfer files between destinations. They also plan on more integrations in the future.
  • Transcribe: The AI software will automatically create searchable captions in over 100 languages.
  • Tanalyze (tag + analyze): Users will be able to automatically tag objects, locations, people, and emotions for further search.
  • Transcode: This feature includes exporting files with the correct metadata for editing and distribution.

In an example scenario of a possible use case, CineD describes a shoot for an ad with multiple cameras, a dialogue, and a large crew. Strada would allow the director and editor to simultaneously receive synchronized footage of a shot with lined-up multicam, audio, and text captions, even if they are in different locations. The script editor could scroll through the last take on their laptop to verify continuity, while actors could instantly watch the playback without leaving their marks. Overall, the platform promises to streamline the creative process and make collaboration easier.

The Strada founders will present the new workflow platform on February 1st at 9 AM PST in Burbank, California. They will also stream the announcement online, which users can join virtually via YouTube. Registration is required beforehand. Those interested can become Strada Beta Testers, as the company hopes to gather feedback at the early stage of development. To become a beta tester, users must sign up for the app and then email the Strada team at @[email protected] to share details about who they are and what projects they would like to test on the platform.