People Can’t Figure Out How an Influencer Filmed Her Selfie

Influencer films invisible selfie
A screengrab from @kryystalcx’s video which has people baffled as to how the fitness influencer filmed it.

An influencer filming a selfie in a bathroom mirror has stumped the internet after people couldn’t figure out how she was recording the video.

Los Angeles-based fitness model @kryystalcx shared a clip to the platform formerly known as Twitter (now X) that had people in the comment section baffled.

Krystal is seen in the bathroom mirror — phone in hand — as she parades her posterior. But the phone is being flipped around as she’s doing so making it impossible that the video is recorded from that device.

This left some commentators to joke that a ghost was filming or even the wrestler John Cena — who, famously, was “invisible.”

How Was The Selfie Video Being Filmed?

If you haven’t guessed by now, Krsytal is wearing a pair of Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.

According to eBaum’s World, Krystal wrote on her Instagram story, “Ray-Ban Metaverse glasses” noting she paid $300 for the blue-light shades.

It’s a clever way of showing off the subtle nature of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses — the second generation of which was only launched in September. The new smart glasses can shoot both 1080 30P video and 12-megapixel stills.

The camera unit is located off the user’s left temple and is aimed slightly to the right, the shutter is operated by a button on the right arm or by using a voice command.

In PetaPixel’s review of the glasses, Chris Niccolls says, “The first thing that struck me about the latest pair is how stylish they are. I suppose I expected the glasses to be heavy and overly bulky. In reality, they feel like the other Ray-Ban glasses that I wear daily.”

However, Chris says that he found the overall image quality to be “similar to a phone from a few generations back.”

“Also, I have to keep my head perfectly still until I hear the artificial shutter click, or else my shot will be lurry, even in brighter conditions,” adds Chris.

Image credits: @kryystalcx