Plandid App Allows You to Instantly Book a Photographer in New York

Plandid app

An iOS app called Plandid allows people to book photographers in New York City for any occasion.

Launched within the last 12 months, Plandid allows photographers to sign up so users can hire them for their services if and when they require them.

Customers can make “instant bookings” or schedule a photo shoot for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, a party, or a portrait shot for a dating profile.

“Plandid is your personal photography connection on iOS,” the company writes on its website. “Perfect for the creatives and trendsetters of NYC. Whether you’re a model building your portfolio, a fashion student showcasing a new collection, an entrepreneur launching a product, or an influencer creating standout content, Plandid has you covered.”

The app offers users a chance to explore different categories of photographers where they can favorite the ones they like the most. Then the booking takes place on the app where they can chat with the photographers and the finalized image can be downloaded on the app too.

Any Kind of Shooter

Interestingly, any kind of photographer can sign up — and yes, that includes iPhone shooters. But digital cameras, film cameras, and drones are all welcome too.

“Whether you’re a professional with a pro camera or simply know how to capture quality iPhone content, we’d love to have you join us,” adds Plandid.

Photographers are able to set their own rates and can block out times on the calendar they are not available.

The team behind Plandid says the app came about after they were searching for a car photographer in the summer of 2022 and realized “how hard it is to find a specialized photographer.”

“We still have to rely on recommendations and unsatisfactory Google search results. The idea of being able to find creative photographers who truly know how to capture your vision began to snowball.”

To find out more, head to the Plandid website or Instagram page. The app can be downloaded on the App Store.