Pentax PF-85EDA Spotting Scope Promises Comfortable Birdwatching and Stargazing

Pentax PF-85ED Spotting Scope
The new Pentax PF-85EDA spotting scope is designed for birdwatching, nature observations, and stargazing.

Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation announced the Pentax PF-85EDA spotting scope, a portable terrestrial telescope designed for birdwatching and nature observations.

The scope features newly designed optics and a large-aperture 85mm objective lens, which delivers a “bright, clear, high-contrast field of view for high-quality observations.” The scope includes extra-low dispersion (ED) glass elements, promising to reduce chromatic aberrations effectively. The telescope also delivers reduced internal reflections thanks to Pentax’s latest optical coatings. In total, the scope includes five elements across four groups.

Despite its large objective lens, the spotting scope is designed to be compact and highly portable, thanks partly to its roof prism design. The scope’s eyepiece section is slanted upward at a 45-degree angle, making it easy to adjust the eye level and use the scope in a natural, relaxed posture. For scouring the skies for birds or comets, Pentax says users will not need to tilt their heads as much, reducing stress on the neck. The scope weighs 1,600 grams (56.5 ounces) and is 347 millimeters (13.7 inches) long.

Pentax PF-85ED Spotting Scope

Given that its use cases are invariably outdoorsy, the Pentax PF-83EDA also includes an airtight, waterproof design rated to JIS Class 7 and water resistance up to a depth of one meter. The scope should withstand rain and mist, although it is not designed for underwater use, even if it can survive a short-term dip in a shallow body of water.

It also has a dust-proof glass element in the eyepiece mount. It includes a nitrogen-filled body to deliver a clear field of view without fogging even when the scope undergoes sudden temperature changes, like going from inside a car to outdoors.

Pentax PF-85ED Spotting Scope

The PF-85EDA scope accepts a range of eyepieces, including the XF series designed for Pentax spotting scopes and the XW series optimized for astronomical observations. Available eyepieces range from 20 to 78 times magnification. Pentax’s website shows a complete breakdown of all available XF and XW eyepieces.

The Pentax PF-85EDA will be available in February for $1,300. A kit with the spotting scope and the smc Pentax Zoom 8-24mm Eyepiece will also be available for $1,600.

Image credits: Pentax