Sony is Adding Multiple New Features to the FX30, FX3, and FX6

Sony FX30

Sony, who has long been accused of not adding new features to existing cameras, will release firmware updates for the FX30, FX3, and FX6 cameras later this year that bring multiple new functions.

The FX6 will be the first of the three cameras to get an update which is currently scheduled to arrive from May 2024, although the company does note that it may come “later.”

The update, which is version 5.0, will add 1.5x de-squeeze function for anamorphic lenses. It also adds what Sony describes as integrated “high-quality 3D LUT processes” which it says are inspired by the Venice cinema camera and allow for more accurate color processing. The update will also add waveform and false color along with other Monitor and Control App v2.0 features — a huge addition that will make many video shooters extremely happy. Finally, Sony will expand the breathing compensation support to more lenses including the 100-400mm G master and the 200-600mm G.

Sony Camera for Video

The addition of waveform in particular is notable and may come as a surprise to many that it wasn’t included in the camera when it was released three years ago.

The FX3 and FX30 will also get a firmware update in 2024, but it comes much later: Sony says to expect it “from September 2024 or later.”

The update, which has no version number (likely because it is so far away that other bug fixes or similar updates may come first), will add shutter angle. Sony says that users will be able to choose between Shutter Speed or Shutter Angle in a similar way that users of the FX6 can. The update also adds the ability to add clip flags to mark shots and SRT/RTMP/RTMPS support for live streaming via the Creator’s App.

Sony FX3

The updates join other promised feature-focused firmware updates that Sony will bring to the a7S III, a9 III, and Alpha 1 later this year. It marks a turned page for Sony, as the company has received widespread criticism for not updating existing cameras with new features but instead opting to release entirely new models. The timeline for release is a bit odd though, as Sony is getting very far out ahead of these promised new features, with two not coming for at least eight months.

Image credits: Sony