Getty Images Launches AI Image Generator for Stock Photos

Generative AI by iStock

Getty Images has launched “Generative AI by iStock”: an AI image generator that allows customers to create their own artificial intelligence stock photos.

The new product is targeting small and medium businesses that need stock photos and the text-to-image model is powered by Nvidia. It is running under the iStock brand, a subsidiary company of Getty.

In a press release, Getty says that the generative AI model has been “trained exclusively using high-quality content and proprietary data from Getty Images’ creative libraries.”

The photo giant also says that Generative AI by iStock will not make pictures of “known products, people, places or other copyrighted elements.” With this in mind, Getty is indemnifying users of the new tool in the form of iStock’s standard $10,000 legal coverage which customers get with iStock’s more standard stock photos and videos.

Users will also be able to modify images along with generating entirely new ones and it can be integrated into existing apps and plug-ins via an API. To generate 100 images, the user will have to fork out $15.

“Using AI, creatives gain the ability to produce anything they can imagine. Our own VisualGPS research shows that 42% of SMBs and SMEs are already using AI‑generated content to support their marketing efforts,” says Grant Farhall, iStock’s Chief Product Officer.

“Our main goal with Generative AI by iStock is to provide customers with an easy and affordable option to use AI in their creative process, without fear that something that is legally protected has snuck into the dataset and could end up in their work.

“Our AI Generator is easy to use, produces relevant and high‑quality visuals, and is backed by our legal protection so customers can now safely use this new service, in combination with our amazing pre‑shot library, to elevate their work.”

Back in September, Getty launched a service called “Generative AI by Getty Images”; an AI image generator that customers can use on Getty’s stock website. It marked the first time that Getty had embraced artificial intelligence after previously garnering a reputation for being anti-AI; largely to do with its ongoing lawsuit against the makers of Stable Diffusion, Stability AI.