AGI’s 2TB microSD Card Reaches the Maximum Capacity of the Format

AGI 2TB microSD card

AGI, a Taiwan-based memory manufacturer, today announced a 2TB capacity microSD card. While not particularly fast, it is the maximum capacity that microSD is capable of handling.

The new AGI Supreme Pro TF138 2TB microSD card promises peak read speeds of 170 MB/s and maximum write speeds of 160MB/s “when used with the specialized card reader” made by AGI.

“When paired with AGI’s proprietary card reader, the Supreme Pro TF138 2TB surpasses the speed limitations of UHS-I, reaching blazing transfer speeds of up to 170MB/s read and 160MB/s write,” the company boasts.

AGI did not say how fast performance is expected to be in devices or through standard memory card readers. That said, it does meet UHS-1 and V30 standards, so expect it to not dip below 30 MB/s sustained performance.

That’s not very fast, but considering the capacity and use cases, it’s probably good enough for how most will employ the tiny media card.

AGI 2TB microSD card

“As digital storage demands continue to grow, this 2TB memory card addresses the need for vast storage capacity. It is perfectly suited for cutting-edge handheld gaming devices, external use with the iPhone 15, and high-resolution recording on Android smartphones, significantly enhancing user convenience,” AGI says.

2TB capacity is the microSD card standard’s maximum density as outlined by the official specification from the SD association. While it remained a theoretical maximum for about a decade, it wasn’t until recently that companies have been able to actually commercially produce microSD cards with that level of density.

While it’s not the first to announce a 2TB microSD card — that honor goes to Kioxia which announced its 2TB microSD card last year — it is among the first to bring it to market. Kioxia said it had a working prototype last fall and officially set a release date for its 2TB microSD card for first quarter 2024, but AGI leapfrogged it and released the memory card to market in the United States today.

For customers in the United States, AGI says the Supreme Pro TF138 2TB microSD card is available for purchase on Amazon, but at the time of publication, it was not yet listed.