Putin’s New Year Message is Accused of Being Computer-Generated

Putin New Year
Skeptics say it’s not Putin’s body.

Online skeptics have accused Vladimir Putin’s New Year speech of being computer-generated pointing to irregularities around his neck.

Clips posted online appear to show the Russian president’s head floating over the neckline of his suit but the claims are unsubstantiated.

Igor Sushko, an American-Ukrainian, declared on X (formerly Twitter) that Putin’s New Year’s address was computer-generated. “Take note of the avatar’s neck area,” he writes.

Sushko shared the full New Year’s address and noted that Putin’s New Year speech was uploaded in 360p resolution which he deems suspicious because in previous years the Kremlin apparently uploaded 720p HD versions of the speeches.

Much of the speculation was coming from pro-Ukrainian bloggers with one user, RASSEL, writing: “Look at his neck, he’s not even in a suit, what’s this? Too lazy to wear a suit? Or a neural network?”

Rumors that Putin uses digital doubles of himself or even body doubles have circulated for years in the West and have always been firmly denied by the Kremlin.

In December, during Putin’s annual televised Q&A with the nation, Putin was confronted with an AI version of himself that was made by a student from St. Petersburg.

In a surreal moment, AI Putin asked the real Putin whether he has a lot of doubles — in an apparent nod to the Western rumors and in a bid to find out what the Russian autocrat thinks about artificial intelligence.

“You can talk to me and use my voice, my pitch, but I figured that only one person could speak like myself,” a visibly shocked Putin replied, “and this is going to be me.”

Much of the speculation surrounding Putin and his alleged body doubles stems from rumors about the President’s ill-health, something the Kremlin has strenuously denied.