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Check Out These Computer Generated 3D Renderings of DSLR Cameras



Back in March, we shared about how realistic computer generated images has been encroaching on the commercial product photography industry and killing photography jobs. More and more of the product photos you see in advertisements and press releases these days did not involve an actual camera and photographer at all, but rather artist, a computer, and 3D rendering software.

For example, the Nikon D60 product “photo” seen above was created entirely in Keyshot, a powerful 3D rendering program.

Humster3d is an online store that sells 3D models. Among the 2,500+ items in its shop are three popular DSLR cameras: the Nikon D600, Nikon D5200, and Canon 5D Mark III:

Here are some stills showing what you’d get if you purchased the entirely computer-generated 3D renders:






Aside from some strange pixelation in some areas (i.e. the “Canon” on the lens of the 5D Mark III), the shots look pretty usable as product shots — especially at low web resolutions.

Here are a few 360-degree views of the cameras:

Although the quality may not be on par with what you’d be able to achieve in a photo studio and through shooting an actual, physical camera, it’s the price point that makes this type of “next gen” product photo very attractive to “photo” buyers: each 3D model costs just $95 through Humster3D — far less than what it’d cost for a professional to shoot a product photo for you in a full-fledged studio.

And this type of rendering is only going to get lower in price and higher in quality… Yikes.

(via Humster3D via Nikon Rumors)