This Photographer is Restoring Tornado Survivors’ Damaged Pictures

A generous photographer is restoring treasured photos that were destroyed by the devastating tornados in Tennessee at absolutely no cost.

According to a report by WKRN News 2, Laura Lane, who has been a photographer for over two decades, wanted to do her bit to help victims — after she saw the destruction caused by the tornadoes in Montgomery Country, Tennessee earlier this month.

Lane, who is based in Woodlawn, Tennessee, is now using her photography skills to help tornado survivors by restoring some of their most irreplaceable photos for free.

“[I’m] incredibly sad for the people who lost so much in this,” Lane, who owns Laura Lane Photography, tells WKRN News 2.

“I feel like being able to give something back that I know they don’t know how to do themselves, and I know there aren’t a lot of people who know how to do this.

“I feel like it’s the least I can do because I’m so incredibly grateful to this community that lets me do what I love.”

‘You Don’t Realize How Much Photos Mean Until It’s All You Have Left’

In a television segment with WKRN News 2, Lane offered insight into the photo restoration process on pictures found in the bottom of a pool after the tornado.

The news outlet reports that while every photo restoration is different depending on the damage, Lane generally begins by steaming the pictures to flatten them.

Following this, she takes a photo of the picture and uploads it to her computer where she uses software to correct every flaw. Finally, Lane prints out the restored photo to give to the client.

“They’re usually very surprised at how good it turned out, and there’s often tears when they see the finished product,” Lane explains.

“It’s something that’s obviously very important to them and very special.”

In the report by WKRN News 2, Lane recalled how one family returned to her to get new family photos after she restored their pictures damaged by the tornados.

“They said after this close call, they really wanted to get a family photo. They had been putting it off,” Lane says.

“That’s another thing I would tell people is stop putting it off because you think you need to lose 20 pounds or whatever it is, because your family loves you for who you are.

“You don’t realize how much photos mean until it’s all you have left.”

On December 10, three people, including a child, were killed after a tornado struck Montgomery County. Montgomery County officials said 62 people were treated for injuries at hospitals overnight.