MiracleArm’s Articulation Could Be a Boon for Content Creators

A Kickstarter for the new MiracleArm tool might just be one of the handiest tools for photographers and content creators.

The MiracleArm is, technically not so much a tool but an “ecosystem” as its Kickstarter page puts it. The central MiracleJoint, has three axes instead of the usual two that many articulating arms offer, all of which rotate 360 degrees. These are secured with a locking screw and are compatible with round or twist-proof hexagonal spigots. The company says that MiracleArm has “a significantly higher load capacity” than other arms around the same size due to the “form-fitting connection” of the MiracleJoint rather than a reliance on friction.

From there, the MiracleArm ecosystem expands to other parts, including spigots, poles, cubes, and adapters. The MiracleSpigot is the standard connector that links all those other pieces. The MiraclePoles come in three sizes, 15.8, 7.9, and 4.7 inches, and can be combined. Notably, these poles are hexagonal rather than cylindrical, which maker MiracleTools says allows for a twist-proof attachment of clamps. They also have integrated cord management with cable ties and channels to neatly tuck wires into place. The MiracleAdapters are, of course, adapters meant to make users’ other gear compatible with the tool. Finally, there’s the MiracleCube, which is described as a hub for up to five articulating arms. This is where the MircaleArm really starts to combine entire photo and video shoot setups into one.

“The combination of all these elements allows for extremely high flexibility and complex setups, which would not be possible in this form without the MiracleArm,” the Kickstarter page reads.

MiracleTools is asking for $37,891, and at the time of this writing has already raised just over $6,000. There is still more than a month left in the fundraising campaign as well.

For those interested in funding the project, backers can get a MiracleJoint and two adapters for about $44. There are two lower-priced options, but one only offers wallpapers and an ASMR kit for $8 and the other gives two adapters for approximately $27, neither of which offer the MiracleJoint needed to take real advantage of the tool. From there, other amounts will give you various combinations of MiracleJoints, adapters, poles, and the like. Delivery for all these backer rewards, with the exception of the first digital-only offering, is expected in November 2024.

Disclaimer: Make sure you do your own research into any crowdfunding project you’re considering backing. While we aim to only share legitimate and trustworthy campaigns, there’s always a real chance that you can lose your money when backing any crowdfunded project.