Kodak’s New Super 8 is a $5,495 Limited Edition Mashup of Film and Digital

Kodak Super 8

Kodak is bringing back the Super 8 camera but with a twist. In the company’s own words, it is the “magic of analog filmmaking meets modern convenience” in a limited edition camera body.

This is still a film camera, but it comes with a lot of modern digital touches that mimic the shooting experience of mirrorless cameras. For example, it features an SD card slot for audio recordings which also serves as the method for upgrading its firmware, and a 4-inch LCD display to assist during shooting as well as access the menu and change a number of options like aspect ratio.

“Composing shots on Super 8 is easier than ever before. The LCD viewfinder swivels, allowing a wide range of shooting angles,” Kodak says. Details on the resolution of the LCD were not provided at the time of publication.

“And thanks to its expanded screen, navigating features like aspect ratio overlays, interactive menu selection, and camera settings is intuitive and straightforward.”

Kodak Super 8

The aforementioned audio recording is performed by an onboard recording system and external microphone, although the camera does support external mics via a 3.5mm input. Monitor levels can be monitored on the LCD.

The camera offers traditional Super 8 gate as well as 16:9 widescreen extended gate recording for “increased visual resolution.” Kodak says that using extended gate optimizes more capture area of the film strip and allows for an 11% larger image than traditional Super 8 cameras. Its 14:9 full-frame also allows the camera the flexibility to be cut in with other modern media capture formats and fill the frame of modern TV and video screens.

It even has HDMI out for those who might want to use an external monitor. Somewhat confusingly, though, it is charged not with USB-C but with a dated micro USB.

The new Super 8 uses an interchangeable C-mount lens and comes with a 6mm 1:1.2 optic. The company encourages users to “use any other C-mount prime lens or adapters to mount the lens of your choice” and to “experiment with vintage lenses for a retro feel.”

Kodak Super 8

Kodak says that this is the first modern Super 8 camera to feature crystal sync at 24 and 25 frames per second, and it can be under or over-cranked to 18 and 36 frames per second.

The top of the camera features an integrated handle with a run button and the bottom of the camera features a pistol grip that also houses a fun button.

Kodak Super 8

The camera uses Kodak Super 8 film cartridges that are loaded with 50 feet of motion picture film in three different Kodak Vision3 Color Negative stocks, but it can also use reversal stocks like Tri-X Black and White Reversal and Ektachrome Color reversal films.

Kodak’s new Super 8 has been in development for some time. As noted by NewsShooter, it was first seen at CES in 2016 and was originally expected to cost $2,000.

Kodak is offering the new Super 8 by reservation only. Those interested in purchasing one can sign up to be notified when a unit can be purchased. It ships in a Pelican case with both the camera and lens, battery, pistol grip, charging cable, USB power adapter, and a cartridge of Tri-X Black and White Reversal Film 7266.

It will be available in limited quantities for $5,495 and will first launch in the United States before becoming available in other countries.

Image credits: Eastman Kodak