MainGear’s New Line of Pre-Built PCs is Made for Photo and Video Editors

Custom PC from MainGear

MainGear, a pre-built PC supplier, now offers a line of Pro Workstation desktop PCs that can be configured with the industry’s most powerful components and are designed to supercharge photo and video workflows.

Apple tends to dominate headlines when it comes to pre-built machines because picking up a desktop PC most often means building one as opposed to going with a specific manufacturer since it integrates components from multiple suppliers. CPU, GPU, RAM, cooling, power supply, motherboard, and more are often made by different manufacturers and cobbled together manually into what can be a more powerful machine than Apple offers with the advantage of true customization and future upgrade-ability.

However, there are a lot of photographers and filmmakers (and general consumers) who don’t want to take on that effort because of the skill and knowledge it takes to do so effectively. That’s where suppliers like MainGear come in. It does the building but lets prospective buyers customize the interior online in a similar experience to what it’s like picking out an Apple computer.

Custom PC from MainGear

Today, the company launched its Pro Series Workstation PCs which offer a ton of customization options in three form factors that can be configured with up to a 96-core CPU, 256GB of DDR5 memory, and up to four GPUs. The three form factors appeal to varied users with different space requirements:

“The ProWS [is] a traditional mid-tower design in the refined Fractal Design North chassis, the ProWS Max provides full-tower real estate, and the ProRS, engineered for industrial rackmount and high-end home use, [is] designed to be oriented vertically or horizontally,” MainGear explains.

While there are a lot of options here, the release of these workstations coincides with AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper and Ryzen Threadripper Pro CPU launch. Those along with the latest from Intel and high-end GPUs from Nvidia allows an editor to build a PC that fits their needs and budget.

Custom PC from MainGear

For example, a ProWS Max desktop computer can be outfitted with an Intel Core i9-14900K, Nvidia RTX 4070Ti, 128GB of RAM, and 1TB of SSD storage along with everything else it needs to properly run for about $4,900. That’s not cheap, but considering a baseline Mac Studio with an M2 Ultra costs $3,999, it’s a pretty good deal and gets even more so considering that upgrading the Studio to be in-line with the other specs of the ProWS Max jumps its cost up to $5,799.

All of the options, from case to CPU, can be perused on MainGear’s website.