MainGear and MSI Partnered to Make a Gorgeous Limited Edition Pre-Built PC

MainGear NV9 Zero
The MainGear Zero will be available as a “drop” in limited quantities.

MainGear partnered with MSI to produce a high-performance pre-built desktop PC that features a redesigned and patented Rear Connection (MG-RC) technology that promises to mark a “paradigm shift” in PC design and performance.

While the PC looks great, the new MG-RC feature is designed to change how cables are routed and connected within PC cases. It moves the cabled connections to the rear and underside of the motherboard, which provides a cable-free appearance on the inside of the case.

MainGear says that in addition to looking nice, there are practical benefits to the design, too. It claims that with those cables out of the way, air turbulence is reduced which improves cooling. The design also promises to make it easier to assemble the PC with simplified cable management (an issue that many PC builders will often complain about).

MainGear Zero
MainGear Zero as seen from the front.

To launch the new MG-RC system, MainGear partnered with MSI to create a limited edition rig called the Zero. The system, which the company expects to sell out of within two weeks of availability, features panoramic glass panels that showcase the interior which includes the newly-announced NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Super.

It, of course, glows thanks to interior RGB lighting on the case, fans, and internal components that is fully synced and customizable through front panel controls or via MSI’s Dragon Center software. The “Zero” name links back to the MG-RC system which allows the design to show no motherboard cables.

The Zero will drop on January 24, 2024 directly from MainGear. The company did not list a price nor how many units it intends to make available at the time of publication.

MainGear will also release a new Phanteks NV9 chassis that will become available later this year.

MainGear NV9 Zero
MainGear NV9 Zero

It also uses the MG-RC system in combination with the MSI Z790 Project Zero Motherboard — both of which are present in the Zero limited edition PC — and will come with an MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 Super 16GB Ventus 3X OC graphics card, Intel Core i9-14900K processor, and a massive 420mm Phanteks Glacier One AiO liquid cooler. It will also, for the first time, include an in-case high-definition LCD display that can be fully customized.

MainGear NV9 Zero, to be available later in Q1 2024

The price of the Phanteks NV9 wasn’t revealed but the company intends to put it to market sometime in Q1 2024.