LumaFusion is the First Editor to Allow Editing Directly off an SSD on iPhone 15

The latest update to LumaFusion, the mobile video editor from LumaTouch, is the first to allow direct drive editing off an attached SSD when connected to the iPhone 15 family of smartphones.

LumaFusion is a multitrack editing platform for iOS, ChromeOS, and Android that positions itself as able to deliver professional-caliber video editing with a fluid, intuitive, and natural multitouch screen experience and a UI/UX that is inspired by, and specifically designed for, the touch screen.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are the first Apple iPhones to support USB-C connectivity and that opened up the ability to use attached storage, increasing the options for video shooters and greatly simplifying workflows. However, for editors who liked editing on the same devices they capture on, footage still needed to be transferred to the iPhone before it could be edited.

LumaFusion using an attached SSD

For those using LumaFusion updated to version 4.1.1, that is no longer the case. LumaFusion is the first video editing software for iOS to support external drive editing on Apple’s latest devices.

“This new feature is a major win for LumaFusion editors, who can now leverage the new USB-C connection to edit directly from any supporting drive, such as the LaCie Mobile SSD family of drives. Additionally, the LumaTouch technical support team has tested a number of drives for performance and compatibility, including the Samsung T7 and the fast SanDisk Extreme SSD drives,” LumaTouch says.

“Users should confirm read/write speeds are high enough to support external drive editing, as well, they need to ensure they are using the correct USB-C cable.”

LumaFusion using an attached SSD

That last note is important as the same limitations on cable speed for capture apply for editing and the iPhone doesn’t provide any on-screen notification if a cable’s speed can’t keep up.

In addition to allowing direct-drive editing, LumaFusion version 4.1.1 now also supports Apple Log files with the Apple deLog LUT. The company says this now allows editors to access the Log color space for more sophisticated, fine-tuned color correction in their LumaFusion projects.

LumaFusion version 4.1.1 is a free update for existing customers and is available immediately. New users can purchase LumaFusion outright from the Apple App store for $29.99 — LumaFusion is, at this point, not subscription-based.

Image credits: LumaTouch