AstrHori’s Compact AH-M1 Light Meter Now Comes in Black and Brass


AstrHori has launched a new version of its AH-M1 light meter to deliver an even more stylish and affordable choice for analog photographers.

When AstrHori debuted the AH-M1 real-time light meter in April, it did so with just a single color option, silver. While the silver colorway is well-suited to a wide range of film cameras, aesthetically-minded customers with all-dark cameras were left wanting.

AstrHori has course-corrected with a black and brass version of its all-metal compact meter. The AstrHori AH-M1B light meter offers the same functionality as the original AH-M1, including real-time metering, an OLED display, and a pair of metering modes.


The A and T modes enable photographers to dial in the optimal aperture based on known ISO sensitivity and shutter speed or the correct shutter speed determined by a selected ISO and aperture. Further, users can move the cold shoe position with the included hex wrench to ensure the meter fits nicely on a wide range of older film cameras.

With its built-in 120mAh lithium battery, the AH-M1 light meter can continuously meter light for roughly 12 hours. The battery is charged via a built-in USB-C charging port and charges using a five-volt power source. AstrHori says that the battery can be fully charged in about 40 minutes.

The meter’s 0.66-inch OLED panel shows information such as exposure parameters, like exposure value and exposure compensation, shutter speed, aperture value, ISO, battery level, aperture/shutter priority mode (A/T), and relevant icons for locking and loop mode.

Compared to the original AH-M1, there are some subtle changes. Beyond the obvious color change, the AH-M1B ditches the AstrHori branding on the control dial, instead sticking with just the brand name on the main body of the meter.


It is also worth noting that while product shots show different amounts of exposed brass, the AH-M1B arrives to customers completely black. AstrHori says that users can wait for typical and frequent use to reveal the brass, showing a very Leica-esque aging process, or manually polish the device to expose the brass quickly.

The AstrHori AH-M1B light meter is available now from Pergear for $71. The original silver version remains on sale for $69.

Image credits: AstrHori