The Final Cut Pro Creative Summit Kicks-Off at Apple Park Next Month

FCP Creative Summit

The FMC 2023 Final Cut Pro Creative Summit is coming to Cupertino November 6 through 8, the first time since 2019 that it will take place on Apple’s campus.

FMC, or Future Media Conferences, puts together the Final Cut Pro (FCP) Creative Summit annually in collaboration with Apple. The event is designed to help Final Cut Pro professionals learn more about the software and discuss their craft with other professionals and experts.

Day one takes place on Apple’s campus with days two and three hosted at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

Prior to 2019, the event was also held at Apple but global events over the last few years forced the event to adapt. Now it’s coming back to Apple’s campus and that affords attendees a chance to not only expand their knowledge on Apple’s video editor but also check out the company’s headquarters and interact with the company’s team members directly.

“This immersive journey offers participants the chance to acquire invaluable insights into the latest strides in Final Cut Pro on Mac and iPad, marking the exciting next phase in the expanded Final Cut Pro ecosystem,” FMC says in a press release.

This year’s keynote features iJustine, one of the top tech YouTube reviewers. That keynote likely takes place on the event’s “Apple Day,” but full details on November 6 are not yet available. However, the full spate of events for November 7 and 8 can be found on the event’s website.

“Participants will traverse the intricate landscape of FCP software, exploring core features and vital plug-ins, mastering advanced compression and distribution techniques, and acquiring knowledge of audio and color correction best practices. Additionally, attendees will delve into compelling case studies, providing invaluable insights from leading industry specialists.”

You’d be forgiven if you don’t know what FCP Creative Summit is because, despite the fact it has been taking place for years (even digitally through the COVID-19 pandemic), I only heard about it for the first time this week. For those who work in Apple’s video editor and can get to Cupertino, this is a rare opportunity to actually see the company’s campus and also learn how to better leverage the editing software.

Registration for the 2023 FCP Creative Summit is available until November 6 and costs $299 each, which includes a certification exam voucher, two days of training, one day at Apple, and other perks. Full details can be found on the FCP Creative Summit website.