Pergear Now Makes a $479 1TB CFe Type-A Card for Sony Cameras

Pergear memory card

Pergear expanded its CFexpress Type-A library with a new 1TB offering that continues its efforts into low-cost storage options designed to support Sony’s most recent mirrorless cameras.

While it initially got into the CFexpress memory card space in October 2022, that was only for CFexpress Type-B cards. While more common, it’s not a format that Sony chose to use for its cameras, instead opting to go for the smaller and somewhat more speed restrictive Type-A format.

That did not last long, as Pergear expanded to support CFexpress Type-A in June. Originally, it only produced 80GB, 260GB, and 520GB cards that weren’t quite the bang-for-the-buck that the Type-B cards were but are at the same time not outrageously expensive — a problem that Sony shooters have been saddled with for years given the dearth of alternatives.

Now Pergear not only offers support for Sony shooters, it’s giving them a ton of storage capacity to work with: 1TB. To this point, few companies have offered the CFexpress Type-A cards at all let alone at that high of capacity — only Angelbird offers it and only since last April.

Pergear memory card

Looking at how Pergear is pricing its cards, it’s clear that components or manufacturing is limiting how much cheaper the discount brand is able to go because its 1TB card is just slightly less expensive than Angelbird’s at $479 — Angelbird is asking $500.

Still, both are a huge savings over Sony’s $998 640GB capacity card.

Even though it’s not much cheaper than the only alternative, Pergear still takes the crown for most affordable high-capacity CFexpress Type-A card. And while the company isn’t a name often associated with storage (and might still be relatively unknown across all of photography), its CFexpress Type-B cards have tested well. Any possible compromises that Pergear makes in manufacturing aren’t major and most photographers won’t notice the difference between its cards and more expensive ones in the field.

Pergear says that the cards will reach a maximum read speed of 800 MB/s and a maximum write speed of 700 MB/s — par for the course when it comes to CFexpress Type-A cards. The company promises its speeds are consistent too, saying that it can support capture of up to 4K at 120 frames per second and 8K at up to 30 frames per second.

Pergear’s CFexpress Type-A cards, including the new 1TB capacity card, are available starting today and can be purchased from Amazon or Pergear’s online store. They are supported by a five-year warranty.