Peak Design’s New Camera Cube V2 Is More Rugged and Usable

Peak Design Camera Cube V2

Peak Design has launched an upgraded version of its popular Camera Cube product. The Camera Cube V2 allows photographers to safely store and organize their camera equipment inside any bag, including the Peak Design Travel Bag.

The Camera Cube V2 channels the spirit of the original Camera Cube — which Peak Design still offers in limited stock — but incorporates a wide range of changes and improvements to make the V2 a more compelling choice for many photographers.

Peak Design Camera Cube V2

Among the most significant changes are the move to waterproof zippers, larger main openings, improved exterior handles, and new size options.

Peak Design Camera Cube V2
Camera Cube V2 (Smedium)

The Camera Cube V2’s waterproof nylon canvas exterior and weather-sealed zippers may seem insignificant if the product is designed to go inside another bag, but the carrier is quite flexible, thanks to external anchor points. Users can attach a strap directly to the Camera Cube V2, creating an instant camera bag.

Peak Design Camera Cube V2

The original Camera Cube is available in small, medium, and large sizes. While these three options may fit the bill for many, Peak Design has expanded the offerings to include X-small and “Smedium,” which slot into the size chart at the smallest end and between small and medium, respectively.

Peak Design Camera Cube V2
Each of the five Camera Cube V2 carriers inside the Peak Design Travel Backpack (45L)

The X-small Camera Cube V2 is tiny and has an internal volume of just 3.5 liters. It is well-suited to carrying a small drone, an action camera, or a non-gripped interchangeable camera with a compact lens.

The other new size, “smedium,” has a 10-liter volume and includes many customizable dividers. It has enough space for an interchangeable lens camera with an attached lens, a couple of extra lenses, and some small accessories. Depending on the size of each lens, of course.

Peak Design Camera Cube V2
The Peak Design Camera V2 (large) holds a lot of camera gear.

For users who require more space, the medium and large options can hold a lot of gear. For example, the large Camera Cube V2 can easily carry five or six lenses, including hefty telephoto lenses and a full-size camera body.

The complete breakdown of external and internal dimensions and included dividers is available on Peak Design’s website. Across the board with the V2 sizes that include correlates in the original V1 lineup, the new versions are 10-15% lighter despite improvements to functionality and usability.

Peak Design Camera Cube V2

The original Peak Design Camera Cube was already a versatile option for photographers to instantly and affordably make any bag useful for carrying camera gear. With the Camera Cube V2, including the new size options, photographers have even more flexibility in transporting their kit.

The Peak Design Camera Cubes V2 start at $50 for the X-small size and range to $90 for the Large capacity option.

Image credits: Peak Design