The Next iOS 17 Update Will Fix iPhone FTP Photo Upload Problem

iOS 17

Last month, photojournalists who had updated to Apple’s iOS 17 started to report a problem with uploading photos via FTP: in short, it wasn’t working. Apple has addressed the problem and it will be fixed in the next update.

PetaPixel received a number of complaints from several photojournalists who found that a workflow they had been using for a while no longer functioned after updating their devices to iOS 17.

“Photojournalists (Nikon and Canon users), who use iPhones as a hotspot to quickly upload photos from cameras to FTP, are now unable to connect to ftp after updating to iOS 17,” one photographer explains in an email to PetaPixel.

“In fact, this seems to be a problem for anyone using a hotspot and is trying to connect to any FTP, whether it be via a camera or laptop. I am a photojournalist and have directly been affected by this update. My own FTP connection was working perfectly until iOS 17 came out. I know of many others who are reporting the same issues.”

That is the case, as on Apple’s public forum, several other photographers reported the same issue.

“I need to connect to my webserver via FTP from my MacOS (13.4.1). When I’m connected via home internet provider, everything is OK. But when I connect via hotspot from my iPhone (iOS 17), I can’t connect to FTP. The error message is ‘Connection timeout’. The Internet in web browser is working perfectly, but FTP connection doesn’t work. I tried several FTP clients (Filezilla, Forklift, …), but still the same problem,” one reports.

“A few weeks ago, I used this FTP clients without any problem with hotspot, so maybe it could be related with iOS 17 update.”

Other photographers agreed that the culprit was likely an issue with iOS 17.

“Another photojournalist here, trying to upload over FTP sharing the internet from my iPhone but it just does not work!!! For me, it used to work, and then stopped before I updated to iOS 17,” one writes.

“I spent the majority of my day on the phone yesterday with AppleCare support, and I have come to the conclusion that Apple doesn’t care. They were so adamant that there wasn’t a problem, and were so adamant on passing the buck to the carrier, the FTP software, anything but admitting that there is an issue. To recap, I have 2 Apple laptops running 2 separate OS systems. Before I upgraded to iOS 17 everything was flawless. After changing to iOS 17, everything went to crap,” another photographer adds.

It appears that Apple did indeed notice the issue and has addressed it. This week, Apple released public beta 3 of iOS 17, and while it’s not in the release notes, the FTP upload issue does appear to be resolved.

Anyone running the latest beta software (iOS 17.1 beta 3) should no longer be running into the issue. This can be verified via the beta software.

Anyone currently running the most recent version of the public software will see the change once they update after it becomes available. Apple does not say when it intends to push the beta release to the public, but there is usually not a large gap in time between when a beta becomes available and when it is published for everyone.

Image credits: Apple