The Canon R5 Can Now Take Massive 400-Megapixel Photos

Canon EOS R5

Canon has released a new firmware update for the EOS R5 that allows it to create massive 400-megapixel photos by stitching together multiple shots captured by moving the in-body image stabilization (IBIS) mechanism.

Typically referred to as pixel shift multi-shot, the feature is already available in other cameras made by the likes of OM Digital and Sony, but now it’s available in the Canon EOS R5. Canon specifically says that the “IBIS High-Resolution Shot” feature has been added to the menu and will utilize the in-body IS mechanism to record images with higher resolution. Canon tells PetaPixel that the resulting file will be somewhere in the area of 400 megapixels in size, specifics that aren’t actually stated in the patch notes for the firmware update.

Canon has not provided any examples of what a finished high-resolution multi-shot image looks like nor has it said anything about any possible additional benefits of this method. For its part, Sony argues that the multi-shot mode its cameras offer allows them to better resolve detail and remove interpolation, which is especially helpful for archival photography or for assuring the most detail in still-life images (like the ceiling of a chapel). It’s not clear if these advantages exist in the R5.

Also of note is that the feature requires the use of Canon’s EOS Utility or Digital Photo Professional software in order to view and export the files — at least for now. Not only will a photographer’s R5 need to be upgraded to unlock this feature, but the latest version of those computer programs will also need to be downloaded.

Canon has also added a few other features in firmware update 1.8.1. Just as was the case with today’s EOS R3 firmware update, the R5 has been granted the ability to save network settings to a memory card and transfer them to another R5. Additionally, Canon has added the ability to “protect” images during an FTP transfer, which means that a user can actually see if images have been transferred via the camaera’s menu.

Also related to FTP transfer, the EOS R5 can now crop or resize photos during the transfer to an FTP server.

The Canon EOS R5 firmware update version 1.8.1 is available immediately and can be downloaded from Canon’s website.