The ‘Sun Moon Expert’ App Tracks the Moon and Sun for Photo Opportunities

Sun Moon Expert app

MIOPS has launched an app for photographers that accurately tracks the Sun and the Moon for shooters wanting precise celestial information.

Called the Sun Moon Expert, the app promises to “accurately” provide sunrise, sunset, golden, and blue hour times.

Using an augmented reality (AR) camera view, users can see the solar and lunar positions directly overlaid on a smartphone or tablet camera.

The AR also has a search feature that will allow users to see when the Sun or Moon will pass over a specific point. For example, if a photographer wants to know when the Moon will appear inside the Arc de Triomphe they can use the AR feature on Sun Moon Expert.

Miops is ostensibly a remote trigger company but has branched out into other hardware and now software too.

The Sun Moon Expert app also has a Sun tracker, displaying solar information like sunrise, sunset, blue hour, golden hour, and solar noon. As well as a Moon tracker that displays moon phases, moon age, moonrise, moonset, and distance. It also has a photo opportunities section to see potential chances for a great shot.

“The right lighting conditions can make or break a photo or video shoot,” writes MIOPS.

“Using Sun Moon Expert, you’ll always have the knowledge you need to capture stunning shots. This app provides you with accurate and precise data on the sunrise and sunset times, golden and blue hour times, and even the moon phase, so you can plan your shoot accordingly. Sun Moon Expert helps you understand the lighting conditions so you can achieve your desired effect.”

The app also provides notifications for sunrises and moonrises, helping the shooter stay on top of what’s happening.

Also included is a 500 rule photographer calculator — which helps to determine the exposure times needed to capture the Milky Way Galaxy, an ND calculator, a timelapse calculator, and a depth of field calculator.

These types of apps are growing in popularity, yesterday PetaPixel reported on Skylight; an app that predicts evening light.

The app is avaialble on iOS.