Adobe Photoshop on the Web Launches Packed with AI Tools

Adobe Photoshop for Web

Adobe Photoshop on the web is live to all and packs many of the desktop application features into a web browser. It also includes some of Adobe’s Firefly AI-powered tools including Generative Fill and Generative Expand.

Photoshop on the web was initially launched into beta nearly two years ago. Now, Adobe is releasing the software fully to everyone as part of all Photoshop plans. During its beta period, Adobe says that it has managed to bring a majority of the most commonly used tools to the web-based platform and also streamlined the user experience to make it easier for new users to become familiar with the editor.

“For example, tools in the toolbar are grouped together based on workflows — to make it easier to retouch a portrait, select an object in your image, or to apply a quick action and more,” Pam Clark, head of product management for Photoshop at Adobe, writes in a blog post.

“We have also added tool names to the toolbar for users who are not yet familiar with Photoshop tool icons. Users who prefer an interface that is more like the desktop interface can easily hide this view to work in a way they are most familiar.”

Adobe Photoshop for Web

But Adobe is going even further with the public launch by adding tools powered by Adobe Firely, the company’s AI. Photoshop for web now also has Generative Fill and Generative Expand, both of which were recently released in Photoshop desktop.

Clark also says that it has brought the popular Contextual Task Bar, which was first introduced this past June to the desktop editor, to the web.

“The Contextual Task Bar is an on-screen menu that recommends the most relevant next steps in several key workflows, reducing the number of clicks needed to complete a project, and makes the most common actions more easily accessible. For example, save steps in common workflows like replacing the background of an image or adjusting the lighting and tone of your images,” Clark explains.

“With Photoshop on the web, you now have more ways to access the power of Photoshop and can get started in just a few clicks with no download or installation.”

Photoshop for web is available today for all Photoshop plans and is also available to test out via a seven-day free trial.

Image credits: Adobe