Bride Furious After Maid of Honor Asks to ‘Borrow Photographer’ on Wedding Day

Bride Furious After Maid of Honor Asks to ‘Borrow Photographer’ on Wedding Day

A bride has sparked an online debate after she described her anger when her maid of honor asked to “borrow” her photographer for a pregnancy shoot just before her wedding.

A Reddit user revealed how her sister, who is also her maid of honor, asked if she could pay for her wedding photographer to do a pregnancy shoot for her just before the ceremony.

The bride explains that she is paying for a professional make-up artist and hair stylist for her bridesmaids on the big day. And the maid of honor wanted to make the most of this perk and get some professional pregnancy portraits of herself taken by the same photographer on the same day as her sister’s wedding.

“My sister, that is, the maid of honor, recently asked me if she can ‘borrow’ my wedding photographer for her pregnancy photo shoot, which would be right before my wedding after she has her hair and makeup done by the professional paid by me,” the bride writes.

The bride says she felt furious by her maid of honor’s request and asked Reddit users if she was justified in her anger towards her sister.

“She [my sister] would pay for the photo shoot, but am I the a**hole for not wanting her to have her pictures in the same style in the same place on the same day and with the same make-up and hair as my wedding pictures?” The Reddit user asks. “I feel incredibly selfish when I think about it.”

‘No Wedding Photographer Worth Their Salt Would Agree to This’

Several Reddit users were left shocked and appalled by the bride’s sister’s “selfish” request to borrow the wedding photographer.

Others reasoned that the photographer would hardly have time to do a pregnancy shoot before the ceremony as they would be busy taking pictures of the lead-up to the wedding.

“They [wedding photographers] usually compile a bunch of pictures of people getting ready and guests arriving. You’d miss at least an hour for a pregnancy photo shoot,” a Reddit user says.

Many readers argued that no respectable wedding photographer would ever agree to do a separate pregnancy shoot on the bride’s big day — even if they were being paid more for it.

“No wedding photographer worth their salt would agree to this,” a Reddit user writes.

Another reader comments: “If a photographer will do this, they are not really professional photographers. The only way to go around this is to hire a third photographer. Both the first and second would be busy doing bride and groom prep.”

‘As a Photographer, This isn’t a Problem’

However, some wedding photographers chimed into the Reddit comments and said they would happily accept the maid of honor’s request.

“As a photographer, I’ve gotten this request several times,” a lensman writes.

“It’s never been a problem for me or any other photographer I know. Heck, why wouldn’t I want to get paid twice for the same location?”

However, other wedding photographers disagreed with this sentiment.

“As a photographer, I would never do another photo session the same day I was shooting a wedding,” another writes.

“Unless the wedding was a quick one to two hour elopement type deal. Photography isn’t a simple ‘show up, take pictures, then done, give me a bunch of money.'”

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