Bride Pays $3K for the ‘Worst Wedding Photos I’ve Ever Seen’


A bride has taken to TikTok to slam her wedding photographer whom she allegedly paid $3,000 for what she calls “the worst wedding photos on the internet.”

Brooke, from Montana, shared the photos from her wedding day, some of which are low quality, and proceeds to explain that after complaining the photographer became agitated and hasn’t done anything to resolve the situation.

“I was absolutely floored because they’re out of focus,” Brooke explains in the video that received almost three million views before it was deleted.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think you could pay $3,000 for your wedding photos and have them turn out this bad.”

Brooke showed the first dance photos which have not caught her in a good light. They also appear to have screen artifacts, but it’s not clear whether that’s on the photo itself or the way Brooke made her TikTok video.

“She won’t answer my husband’s phone calls or my mother-in-law’s phone calls. She told me I’m not allowed to contact her other than by email which I have,” adds Brooke.

“They’re out of focus, I don’t have very many photos of our guests that attended. Almost everybody came from out of state; my maid of honor was from out of the country and I have one photo with her and it’s blurry.”

What Happened?

Some of the photos shown by Brooke do appear to be of low quality. One person commented that perhaps the photographer’s SD card malfunctioned and she lost half the photos.

Brooke goes on to show another photo that she believes is unflattering. Spelling out her insecurities, she says that it reminds her of features she doesn’t like about herself.

Other photos she shows appear to be of good quality but the photographer has made poor cropping decisions, cutting out crucial features like a matching tattoo she has with her friend.

Brooke admits that she does like some of the photos but appears disgruntled with how the photographer handled the situation.

Of course, Brooke is only giving her side of the story, and the photographer, who she hasn’t named, remains anonymous.