Embark on a Cute Cat Photography Adventure on PC in ‘Neko Odyssey’

Neko Odyssey

An upcoming video game, Neko Odyssey, celebrates one of the internet’s favorite past times: taking photos of cats.

Cats are experiencing a surge in photography-related popularity lately. Earlier this week, Canon showcased its unusual dual-lens VR lens for Canon EOS R-series cameras with a 180-degree kitten “zen” video. Last week, a photo of two funny kittens took top prize in the popular Comedy Pet Photo Awards. This was a repeat victory for felines, as a couple of cute cats won last year’s Comedy Pet Photo Awards competition, too.

Back to Neko Odyssey, which PetaPixel first saw on Gematsu. The game is slated to arrive on Steam in 2024 and is developed by Secret Character and published by Flyhigh Works.

Neko Odyssey

Neko Odyssey bills itself as “a game for cat lovers you can’t miss.” The “casual adventure” game centers around taking pictures of cats in a charming 3D pixel-art environment.

Within the game, the player searches for cats throughout various locations in town and captures photos to share on in-game social media. Each picture that the player uploads will garner them likes. As the player gets more likes, they will become better known, and some followers may even offer tips on locating new cats in interesting poses.

Neko Odyssey

As any cat owner knows, some cats require a bit of attention and bonding before they will cooperate. In Neko Odyssey, the player may need to build rapport with a particular cat before it allows its picture to be taken.

There appears to be more to the game than just taking photos of cats. The game’s description on Steam suggests that the player’s cat portraits may hold the key to solving a strange mystery in the town.

Neko Odyssey

Details are scarce, but Neko Odyssey should hit Steam next year.

There are plenty of other great photography-related video games to play in the meantime, as PetaPixel describes in the new guide, “15 Great Photography Games to Play in 2023.” Making the cut is another pet photo game, Pupperazi, which, as its title suggests, puts players on a journey to capture cute photos of dogs.

Image credits: Game developer Secret Character and publisher Flyhigh Works