Canon’s ‘Meow-ditation’ Experience is a 180° VR Zen Video with Kittens

Canon has published a nearly seven minute long 180-degree virtual reality (VR) video that encourages viewers to reach the pinnacle of zen through immersion with cute rescue kittens.

In what is perhaps the most unusual technical showcase from a camera manufacturer this year — if not ever — the self-described “masterpiece” is designed to show the capabilities of the Canon EOS R5 C and the company’s Dual Fisheye Lens.

The EOS R5 C was launched in January 2022 and added an active cooling system to the base level R5 to create what Canon billed as a true hybrid camera that bridged the company’s stills technology with a robust cinema camera. Canon’s Dual Fisheye Lens came out the October before the R5 C and is perhaps one of the most unusual additions to any full-frame lens lineup. The device features two 5.2mm f/2.8 lenses that are capable of capturing stereoscopic 3D, 180-degree VR to a single image sensor.

As unusual and interesting as that sounds, practical applications of the lens have been somewhat scant, so it makes sense that Canon would want to showcase what it can do with one of its most powerful full-frame video cameras. That said, few probably would have guessed the subject would be rescue kittens.

“At the heart of this immersive experience is Canon’s advanced EOS R5 C camera and its innovative Dual Fisheye Lens, empowering creators to produce VR video content with unprecedented ease and clarity,” Canon boasts.

Canon says that the project is a collaboration between it, renowned feline photographer Andrew Marttila (@iamthecatphotographer), and accomplished VR content creators Hugh Hou and Keeley Turner.

“You can view the guided meditation on Canon’s YouTube channel (no headset required) or Canon’s Meta Quest channel to watch in your headset,” Canon explains.

“In the video, you’re transported into a soothing pink pastel dreamscape where rescue kittens frolic, play, and doze off, all under the soothing guidance of a meditative voiceover. The voiceover gently reminds us of the crucial role joy and play serve in our lives, all while we bask in the carefree bliss of our furry companions.”

Those curious to see other content produced with the unusual VR lens can check out a dance video the company published back when the lens was first released.