Shure’s New SLX-D System Can Make Any XLR Source Wireless

Shure's New SLX-D System Can Make Any XLR Source A Wireless One

Today Shure expanded it’s SLX-D Digital Wireless microphone family with the new SLXD5 Portable Digital Wireless Receiver and SLXD3 Plug-On Digital Wireless Transmitter which are designed to deliver scalable and high-performance wireless digital audio with reliable RF performance and convenient power management in a new durable form factor meant for film, news gathering (ENG) and broadcast video industries.

The SLXD5 Portable Digital Wireless receiver leverages a miniaturized form-factor so it can be installed and used on-camera using the cold-shoe mount as well as in an audio bag, giving users the freedom of full-feature use regardless of the location. Leveraging the systems IR Sync, users can quickly and easily pair receivers to transmitters for instant single-channel configurations. It also has what is called a Multi-Mic mode which gives users the ability to manage and monitor multiple audio sources from a single receiver.

Additionally, the SLXD3 Plug-on digital wireless transmitter allows users to transform any XLR source into a wireless one (which the company says also includes dynamic and condenser microphones), by providing phantom power making it ideal for wireless transmission from boom-mounted shotgun microphones.

“Since its launch in 2020, SLX-D has received top marks from audio professionals and high-end users for its worry-free wireless and crystal-clear digital audio quality. Wherever their work takes them, our new portable systems guarantee these customers can bring along the dependability of SLX-D,” Nick Wood, Senior Director, Professional Audio Products at Shure, says.

“SLX-D Portables provide stress-free audio capture and industry-leading digital wireless at a competitive price that will perform in the toughest locations.”

The SLX-D portable system will not require users to change the gain settings on their transmitters, which Shure says allws them to save time and simplify the process of getting “crystal-clear” audio with superior RF performance by using 24-bit digital audio and >118db dynamic range. This improved system will give users the same sound experience of the SLX-D wireless platform to mobile productions with quick out-of-the-box installation and intuitive setup features letting users get up and running immediately.

The SLXD5 portable digital receiver will automatically scan for the best frequency and pair it to the transmitter with IR Sync in just a few seconds. Additionally, both systems have a high-luminosity OLED screen where users can check battery life, meter audio and RF quality, as well as manage any frequency tuning required. More information and instruction on the SLX-D systems can be found in the official setup guide.

The Shure SLXD5 Portable Digital Wireless Receivers and SLXD3 Plug-on Digital Wireless Transmitters are available today for $379 and $349, respectively.

Image credits: Shure