Shure’s MV7+ is a Dual XLR and USB-C Podcasting Microphone

Shure MV7+

Shure announced the MV7+ Podcast Microphone, a dual XLR and USB dynamic microphone that it says is a significant step forward versus its predecessor and is designed for podcasting, streaming, and music recording.

The company differentiates the MV7+ from, for example, the SM7 it announced last fall, by saying the new MV7+ is designed to capture broadcast-quality audio even in less-than-ideal, “challenging” spaces.

The MV7+ uses Shure’s Voice Isolation Technology that automatically cuts background noise and focuses sound capture on a user’s voice. It also includes an onboard Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engine which powers an improved Auto Level Mode, a digital Popper Stopper (a digital pop filter that cuts plosives), a Real-Time Denoiser, and Adjustable Reverb.

Shure MV7+

  • Real-time Denoiser: Leverage the advanced DSP technology of the MV7+ to eliminate background noise. It works in harmony with the microphone’s Voice Isolation to deliver pristine sound, even in less-than-ideal recording environments.
  • Digital Popper Stopper:  Remove harsh plosive sounds to avoid acoustic distractions and a cumbersome physical pop filter on camera.
  • Improved Auto Level Mode: Intelligent audio adjustment adapts the microphone gain based on the distance, volume, and room dynamics, providing perfectly balanced sound automatically. 
  • Onboard Reverb: Choose from three types of onboard reverb settings — Plate, Hall, Studio -— and set intensity levels to add desired depth and richness to recordings. 

The top of the microphone features a touch LED “live meter display” that can be customized to fit the vibe of any scene through over 16.8 million colors that can be matched with sound levels or can gently pulse. Tapping the LED mutes the microphone.

Shure MV7+

The MV7+ is equipped to fit into a variety of recording situations thanks to its support for both XLR and USB-C. Thanks to the latter, the microphone can be plugged into any computer or phone (iOS or Android) to allow it to be used both in a studio and in the field.

Shure MV7+

Shure also designed the new microphone to work best when paired with its MOTIV Mix software, which allows access to customization features such as the aforementioned LED and sound signature, gain, and more. It also allows users access to five multi-track recording and routing channels.

While MOTIV Mix will launch supporting the MV7+, Shure says that it will make it compatible with older products such as the MV7 and MVX2U in the future.

Shure MV7+

The MV7+ Podcast Microphone comes in two colors (black and white). The black MV7+ is available in black starting today for $279. The white version will launch “this summer” for the same price. At the same time, either a black or white microphone will be paired with a Gator mic stand for $299.

Image credits: Shure