Drake Makes Fans ‘Cry’ at Concert Using Snapchat AR Camera Filter

drake uses crying lens snapchat filter on fans

Drake has been making fans “cry” at his concerts by using Snapchat’s augmented reality (AR) “Crying Lens” filter on attendees during his current tour.

Drake has partnered with Snapchat on his current It’s All A Blur tour across North America — with the rapper incorporating the platform’s popular AR filters into his live performances.

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In a viral stunt, Drake has used Snapchat’s AR “Crying Lens” filter — which makes it appear like the subject in a photo or video is weeping — onto images of unsuspecting audience members projected onto huge stage screens during his shows.

During Drake’s performance of his single Laugh Now, Cry Later on his current tour, gigantic stage screens show concertgoers with the Crying Lens filter applied to their faces in real-time — making it look like the attendees are sobbing.

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According to Snapchat, Crying Lens is one of the platform’s most popular filters and has been used in its app over one billion times.

Crying Lens gives its subjects sad, upturned eyebrows, bloodshot eyes, an exaggerated frown, and a few unshed tears — with extremely realistic and often hilarious results. In May 2022, Snapchat’s filter became so popular that it ended up going viral on TikTok too.

TikTok users would use the Snapchat filter to prank unsuspecting friends and family members — or to transform classic clips from movies, music videos, and television shows.

Adweek reports that the technology at Drake’s concerts is powered by Snapchat’s Camera Kit, which allows companies to use Snap AR in their own apps, websites, and physical locations.

“Snap’s augmented reality offers artists new ways to enhance their live performances to deepen connections with fans,” Snap’s head of music strategy Manny Adler tells Adweek.

“We’re thrilled to see Drake use Camera Kit to integrate our viral Crying Lens into his tour, and are loving the fan reactions when they see themselves on the stage screen. We can’t wait to see how other artists use it!”

The Los Angeles Rams previously used Snapchat’s Camera kit on attendees at SoFi Stadium during football games.

Snapchat’s AR photo filters were used on live footage of Rams fans and then were displayed on the giant “Infinity screen” video boards.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.