AI Camera App Generates Poems Based on Your iPhone Photos

pamera poem camera app turns iphone photos into poems

A new artificially intelligent (AI) camera app can generate poems based on iPhone photographs in real time.

The new app called “Pamera — The Poem Camera” allows users to take a photo on their iPhone and automatically turn it into a poem with the help of AI technology.

According to Gizmodo, Pamera combines an object identifier and the API for OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model to identify objects captured by a user’s camera and then immediately uses it as inspiration to construct a unique four-line poem.

The poems are generated in the style of acclaimed Argentinian essayist Jorge Luis Borges, who is known as a key figure in magical realism.

‘Take Poetic Pictures’

The app was developed by Damjanski, a technologist and artist who is based in New York.

In one example of the app’s technology, Damjanski shared a photograph of a cute dog wandering in a garden to the Pamera.

In response, Pamera produced a poem that reads: “In the garden of dreams, a lone dog roams, Amidst whispers of time, its spirit known, Lost in labyrinths of worlds yet unseen, A verse unwinds, a tale unforeseen.”

Turn Deepfaked Images into Poems

Damjanski is reportedly working on an upgraded version of Pamera — which will enable users to upload deepfaked AI images and produce even more surreal poetry on the app.

To test out the capability for users to upload deepfaked images on Pamera, Damjanski edited his face onto a meme of a gamer in his messy basement.

And in response, Pamera generated this poem: “Amidst the gaming, a messy crew, Mountain Dew and pizza too. In dirty hands, the controllers stay, A joyous chaos in games we play.”

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