What the Heck Do All These Camera Terms Mean? | The PetaPixel Podcast

If you’ve watched PetaPixel’s YouTube reviews or read our written reviews, you might have heard or seen some strange terms. LoCA? Bokeh? Ghosting? Breathing? Field curvature? What do they mean?

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This week, Chris, Jordan, and Jaron address several of these terms and explain what they are and why they matter. Specifically, the trio discuss some of the most confusing terms that even photographers who have been shooting for years don’t quite understand. While bokeh is a pretty common term, LoCA, or longitudinal chromatic aberration, is one that stumps a fair number of people. Also, a common question relates to field curvature and how it affects testing lenses on our chart. The three give you detailed answers to all these and more.

While we started with some of the most confusing lens-based terms, and these aren’t even all of them, there is also a long list of camera-specific terms that also bear discussion. Consider this part one of at least a three part series, and the team will come back in future episodes to discuss more at length in the near future.

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