Couple Finds Out Their Videographer is Banned From Wedding Venue


A couple found out that the videographer they had hired for their wedding was banned from the venue where they were due to tie the knot.

Taking to the photography subreddit, the anonymous bride says the venue immediately alerted her to the situation after disclosing who the videographer would be.

“The planners also stated that this vendor was aware that they were banned as they’ve had this come up with a few other brides,” she writes.

Naturally, the bride asked for a refund on the deposit she had paid to the videographer.

“The videographer followed up by stating that the deposits are typically non-refundable, but that their spouse also has a video/film company,” the bride writes.

“They stated I could keep my deposit by hiring them. They stated they really do the edits and the spouse shoots often.”

The bride says she was “uncomfortable” with the proposal and didn’t need the unnecessary stress. Plus the venue had also referred to a “they” making it sound like perhaps it was both the videographer and his spouse that were barred.

It was made clear to the bride that the venue owner specifically has a policy for that videographer.

“Am I in the wrong?” She asks. “Should I be refunded my deposit in this case? It’s over $500. Had this not been discovered now, I would’ve had a serious issue on the day of my wedding.

“To me, this has nothing to do with me wanting to cancel. It’s that this vendor cannot provide the service.”

What Has the Videographer Done to be Banned?

In a later post, the bride says that she obtained more information and was told that is “not a single incident” but in fact, several incidents and attorneys have gotten involved.

“So I’m not really sure how the videographer would have been completely blindsided,” she says.

While it remains unclear as to exactly what the videographer had done to get themselves banned, the bride kept asking the camera team for a refund. The groom also tried calling but no one answered. But the bride recently posted to say she has now received her refund.

This week, the PetaPixel podcast discussed the strange incident.

“I just want to know, were they banned because of something they did while filming another event at this venue, or did they just show up as a guest and get drunk and trash the place?” Asks PetaPixel’s Jordan Drake.

Image credits: Header photo licensed via Depositphotos.