AI Image Generator Midjourney Adds Panoramic Tool and ‘Weird’ Feature

Midjourney panoramic feature
An AI image generated using a real photo and a text prompt.

Midjourney keeps churning out new tools including a new panoramic feature allowing users to create wider scenes from generated images.

The artificial intelligence (AI) powered image generator announced the new “Pan” feature which shows up as directional arrow buttons, the user must click in which direction they want their panoramic to be created.

It is similar to the ‘Zoom Out’ tool Midjourney unveiled last month which allows users to widen the field of view of an AI image.

Twitter users quickly began sharing their creations with the new panoramic tool.

Testing the Panoramic Feature on Midjourney

PetaPixel fed a real photo into Midjourney of a crowd of people playing music on a beach at sunset and used that as the basis of a prompt.

A crowd of people playing music at sunset
Real photo that was used as part of the prompt. | Matt Growcoot
AI image of a crowd of people playing music at sunset
For the text part of the prompt I described the image: “Silhouetted people playing musical instruments at sunset.”
AI image of a crowd of people playing music at sunset
For the panoramic feature, I selected to go right. Note that there appears to be two Suns lighting the image.

Weird Mode on Midjourney

Also recently added is “Weird” mode, a command that makes images look “more weird and edgy.” Users can set the level of weirdness between 0 and 3,000, the higher the number the more strange the images will become.

AI image of alien creatures playing music at sunset
Again, I used my photo as part of the prompt but turned the weirdness all the way up to 3,000 and asked for “Alien creatures” playing music instead of human musicians.

Midjourney keeps churning out new features, comfortably establishing itself as the market leader in the AI image generation market — a controversial accolade.

Forbes reports that Midjourney will make the jump to version 6 before the end of July.