Midjourney v5.2 Update Features Impressive ‘Zoom Out’ Tool

Midjourney's Zoom Out feature
The new Zoom Out feature on Midjourney. The main image was zoomed out from the source image in the top right corner.

AI image generator Midjourney has launched its latest 5.2 version which has excited fans with its new “Zoom Out” feature allowing users to widen the field of view.

V5.2 of the generative artificial intelligence (AI) program has been rolled out today promising “improved aesthetics and sharper images.”

However, most impressive is the new “Zoom Out” feature which appears as a button underneath generated images. Users are presented with two options: “Zoom Out 1.5x” and “Zoom Out 2x.”

It also has the option to “Make Square” which turns a non-square image into a square one. As well as a “Custom Zoom” button, an advanced tool allowing users to alter the text prompts and change the aspect ratio.

Also in the update, is a new shorten command option allowing users to “analyze” a text prompt enabling them to see what words are affecting the image and which ones aren’t contributing very much.

What is Midjourney’s Zoom Out Tool Like?

In PetaPixel’s tests with the new Zoom Out feature Midjourney did a great job with zooming out 1.5x and 2x but struggled when changing the aspect ratio. However, it was only a cursory assessment and your reporter is a rookie on Midjourney.

Midjourney's Zoom Out feature
First of all, the user must generate a picture. In this case, a “medium close” shot of a woman on a motorbike in London.
Midjourney Zoom Out
This is the same image as above but with “Zoom 1.5x” applied.
Midjourney Zoom Out
With 2x Zoom Out applied.
Zoomed out again 2x.
Midjourney Zoom Out
With the aspect ratio changed to portrait orientation. This was the best one Midjourney v5.2 created.
Midjourney Zoom Out
There were many bad attempts when changing the aspect ratio.

Midjourney v5.2 is available now. Midjourney is accessed via a Discord channel (it does not have a dedicated interface). There are different pricing plans available.