Adobe Previews New AI Image Generator Tool

Adobe Gingerbread
Project Gingerbread on display at Figma’s Config 2023.

Fresh off its Generative Fill Tool that created plenty of buzz, Adobe has previewed a new generative artificial intelligence (AI) tool.

Dubbed Project Gingerbread, the AI image generator tool can place and size 3D models into scenes to make composites that can be tailored into realistic-looking photos.

As noted by Creative Bloq, Gingerbread is still a work-in-progress but it seemingly allows the user to adjust the angle and perspective of an image generated via a text prompt.

“AI tends to put things smack bang in the middle of the image,” says Brooke Hopper, principal designer for emerging design at Adobe. “But what if I want to compose around it?”

Adobe showed off its unreleased technology at Figma’s Config 2023 event in San Francisco, and it hints at an exciting but also frightening future of AI image generation.

As it stands, when creating AI images the user can never really be sure what the image will look like after typing in a text prompt. But Gingerbread hints at a higher level of creative control over synthetic images, letting users drag and drop a simple 3D shape to determine the appearance of objects.

There is no word yet on when Gingerbread will be released or even any confirmation that it will be released at all but it does signal that Adobe plans to plow ahead with investment into generative AI technology.

This is despite some photographers who contribute to Adobe Stock — which the software giant has used to build much of its technology — raising concerns that the new tech is actively competing against them.