YouTuber Builds a Massive 7-Foot Tall Fully Functional iPhone

Popular YouTuber Matthew Beem built the world’s largest operating iPhone, complete with a large working touchscreen, front-facing camera, and rear triple-camera array.

Inspired by the work of fellow YouTuber ZHC, who also built a giant working iPhone a couple of years ago, Beem wanted to make an even bigger iPhone and even take it to New York City to have it reviewed by famous tech reviewer Marques Brownlee.

Matthew Beem world's largest iPhone

Beem’s giant iPhone needed to look the part, including Apple’s trademark mirrored finish rear logo and sleek design. However, an iPhone must deliver function alongside its form. With the big phone built, Beem and friends took it to New York City to put it through its paces. Given that the phone weighs 500 pounds, navigating the busy streets of New York is a tall task.

Matthew Beem world's largest iPhone

They used the phone to buy something with Apple Pay, which required the sales associate to stand on the desk to reach the NFC chip, capture selfies, check into a hotel, use the phone’s alarm, visit iconic New York City sights, and finally, have the phone reviewed by Brownlee. Concerning the “Beem Team’s” venture into their hotel for the night, their giant iPhone proved larger than the bed.

“Working with the world’s largest iPhone is a workout,” Beem says, having worked up a sweat schlepping the iPhone around New York.

“That’s a lot bigger than I thought,” Brownlee says when he first lays on the gargantuan iPhone. “It fully works; this is sick. I’m impressed.” As Brownlee uncovers in the video above, the secret behind the giant iPhone is that it isn’t an iPhone at all — it is a Mac mini running a virtual version of Android that runs a skin to make the phone look like an iPhone. Nonetheless, it is clever.

“How much do you think Apple would charge for this?” Beem asks Brownlee.

“It would be the iPhone 14 Pro Max Plus Ultra, so this would probably be about two grand,” he replies, ultimately giving the phone his stamp of approval and an eight out of 10 score.

Matthew Beem world's largest iPhone

At seven feet tall, Beem’s iPhone is larger than the six-foot-tall model ZHC built two years ago. However, ZHC’s iPhone, which is also fully functioning, remains an incredible feat of engineering too. Paying homage to the inspiration for wild projects like Beem’s giant iPhone is always worthwhile, so ZHC’s project is featured below.

Huge iPhones are neat projects but for users looking for an even better iPhone that can fit in a pocket — and definitely through doorways — Apple’s latest iPhone 14 Pro delivers spectacular performance, especially for photographers.

Image credits: Matthew Beem