The PetaPixel Podcast: DPReview’s New Owner and Protecting Gear From Theft

Yesterday, DPReview announced that it would not be shutting down as originally planned as it and its editorial team have been acquired! Chris Niccolls, Jordan Drake, and Jaron Schneider dig into it in this week’s episode of The PetaPixel Podcast.

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In this episode, Chris, Jordan, and Jaron celebrate the wonderful news that DPReview will not be shutting down as originally planned.

To recap, DPReview is now owned and operated by Gear Patrol, a publication and content studio that focuses its coverage on broader consumer products, but now has the tools to focus heavily on the camera space as the current “core” editorial, tech, and business team are being retained.

The trio express a sigh of relief that their friends and former colleagues get to keep their jobs, talk about how they feel regarding the new owners, and how the publication might navigate adjusting to what will surely be a different monetization strategy.

After that, the three discuss some major waves Nikon is making — including the two new lenses it announced last night — and also get into a discussion on safety and how photographers can help keep their gear out of the hands of thieves.

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