Everything You Know About PetaPixel is a Lie

A lot of people seem to have some strong beliefs about what PetaPixel is and how it operates, and Chris Niccolls, Jordan Drake, and Jaron Schneider are here to explain why everything you think you know is a lie.

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In this episode, everything you think you know about PetaPixel is a lie, and Jaron, Chris, and Jordan tell you why. Additionally, they discuss their review process and editorial freedom. If you’ve been curious how Chris and Jordan manage their reviews process, why certain things are covered, and if anything has changed between now and their work in the past, this is the episode you need to hear.

After that, the trio goes over last week’s biggest stories including the bizarre Stockcam, the risky Abode software launch, the performance of Apple’s latest M2 Ultra chip, and an absolutely insane new 18K camera called the Big Sky.

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