Samsung Talks Photo Features in the Galaxy S24 Ultra | The PetaPixel Podcast

Curious about how Samsung approached the design of its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 Ultra? The PetaPixel Podcast team sits down with Samsung’s Blake Geiser to learn more about what makes this little phone tick.

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Samsung’s new Galaxy S24 smartphone series, headlined by the flagship S24 Ultra, uses much of the same camera hardware as last year’s device (with some exceptions) but sees a major lift under the hood. “Samsung AI” is here, but that doesn’t mean you can expect to see “AI” everywhere in this phone. Samsung’s Blake Geiser sits down with Chris Niccolls, Jordan Drake, and Jaron Schneider to explain what photographers and videographers can expect to find with the new handheld, what’s different, and what is worth getting excited about.

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In This Episode

  • 00:00 – Intro, and welcome back!
  • 03:39 – Interview with Samsung’s Blake Geiser
  • 27:04 – Does Samsung have any NX1 cameras still kicking around?
  • 28:55 – The secret to Chris’s incredible hair
  • 29:00 – Closing thoughts