What is One Piece of Gear You’ll Never Get Rid of? | The PetaPixel Podcast

Whether it be for sentimental reasons, because it’s so practical, or because it has become a valuable collector’s item, most photographers have at least one piece of gear they’ll never get rid of.

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Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake are back from their short vacation to the beach and a recent conversation got them thinking: what is one piece of gear they would never get rid of? While Jordan selected an item of extreme sentimental value, Chris went with a piece of equipment that was half that, half practical. Jaron Schneider, on the other hand, went fully practical with the prompt and selected an item that he won’t head out on a photo or video trip without. Also, Chris grew a very large zucchini.

So, what piece of equipment will you never get rid of? The trio wants to know!

Discussion Topics This Week:

00:00 – Intro
05:53 – For the time being, stay away from SanDisk portable SSDs
12:20 – Would you buy a Contax G2 for $8,500?
17:32 – There are no official DJI apps on Google Play; they are all scams
22:47 – LG put a television in a suitcase
26:34 – What have you been up to?
33:41 – The one piece of gear you’ll never get rid of
46:28 – Tech support
59:59 – Never read the comments

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