Sleepy Bear Falls Asleep in Front of Trail Camera

A black bear fell asleep directly in front of a trail camera in Arizona, with the lucky wildlife documenter capturing adorable footage.

YouTuber Jason Miller struck gold when the bear decided to settle down for a snooze directly in front of the trail camera he set up near Vail in Southern Arizona.

In the comments on the YouTube video, Miller revealed that he picked that spot to set up his trail camera after he spotted marks on the tree.

“Yes, my goal was to get bears rubbing those trees I found fur on since the bear rut is in the beginning stages now,” he writes.

Bear in the woods
The bear arrives on screen and realizes that in front of the trail cam is a great place to take a nap.
A bear asleep in the woods
Sound asleep in the Arizonian woodland.

The YouTube comments are full of praise for the capture with Miller admitting that he was “excited” when he reviewed the footage.

The video is four minutes long which Miller reveals he edited down from roughly four hours.

The Joy of Trail Cams

Miller’s YouTube page, Jason Miller Outdoors, is filled with remarkable footage of all types of creatures filmed on trail cams in Southern Arizona.

Using trail cameras in Arizona to hunt wildlife is banned, but what Miller is doing, capturing wildlife on film for the joy, is perfectly legal.

Trail cameras are an increasingly popular way to capture wildlife. They are relatively inexpensive and simple to set up, for those who live in rural areas it is a great way of seeing the wild animals that cohabit in the area they live in.

Bear asleep in the woods

Most animals simply ignore trail cameras — but not all of them. Yesterday, PetaPixel reported on a great blue heron that viciously attacked a trail camera just after it swallowed a frog.

And last month, Mark Clement of Ontario, Canada, captured a rare “spirit moose” on his trail camera. The all-white moose are highly elusive and it is very unusual to see one. They are considered sacred and a sign of good luck by the First Nation in the area.

More of Miller’s trail camera videos featuring Arizonian wildlife can be viewed by visiting his YouTube page.