Grizzly Bear Ferociously Chases Down Band of Wild Horses in Trail Camera Footage

Grizzly bear chases down horses

A trail camera captured intense footage of a grizzly bear ferociously chasing down a band of wild horses.

The high-speed chase was captured by trail cameras set up along the Canadian Rocky Mountains by the Help Alberta Wildies Society on June 16.

The video shows several wild horses sprinting across a creek, followed mere seconds later by the charging grizzly bear. The animals run for their lives as the bear chases after them in fearsome pursuit.

The Help Alberta Wildies Society aims to save and protect the free-roaming wild horses with rare Spanish bloodlines throughout the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains in Alberta.

The footage starts with the pack of wild horses galloping and thundering past the trail camera at dawn.

Then a few seconds later, a grizzly bear is filmed chasing down and running after the herd. Despite its huge size, the grizzly bear manages to run scarily close to the wild horses at a similar speed and is only a few seconds behind them.

‘We Can’t Say What Happened to The Horses’

The Help Alberta Wildies Society says it is unsure if the entire band of wild horses had survived the chase.

The group was unable to confirm whether or not the animals had made but they were concerned about the foals, who were likely being targeted by the grizzly bear.

The video explains that they don’t have another camera to confirm whether or not some of the wild horses did not make it, but they were particularly worried about the foals, which is likely what the bear was going after.

“We were out doing cameras today, and we noticed bear tracks at the bridge. Fresh ones. We just looked at the SD card and this is what we found had happened this morning,” the Help Alberta Wildies Society writes in a caption accompanying the video.

“He [the grizzly bear] has a mate that crosses about 4 minutes later.

“We did see about 80 horses out there today, and saw that most of the foals we expected to see were there. We can’t say what happened to this band as a result of this chase.”

In a further clip, captured by another trail camera set up by the Help Alberta Wildies Society, the grizzly bear can be seen charging behind the band of wild horses at a different angle.

“A grizzly can sustain a run at 25-28 mph for up to 2 miles,” the group writes. “We won’t know until our next camera run if all of this band made it.”

Image credits: Header photo via Facebook/Help Alberta Wildies Society.