Bear Captured ‘Living His Best Life’ on Trail Camera

bear takes bath

A bear was caught on trail camera taking a private bath away from everyone seemingly having a great time.

Caught lying on his back with all four limbs pointing up at the skies, the bear was enjoying relaxing in a muddy puddle totally unaware it was being recorded.

The footage, recorded on June 24, 2023, was released by Roxborough State Park in Colorado much to the delight of thousands on social media.

“Basically sums up trail conditions today,” writes the state park. “Just kidding. It’s wet, but not this wet on the trails. This bear, however, seemed to have found a private spot to soak away from all of the hoomans.”

bear in bath

The bear was captured rolling around in the muddle puddle, stretching out his limbs and cooling off his fur — even sniffing his own feet.

“Looks like he’s having a great time,” writes Linda Ryna. “Enjoy your spa days,” adds Ang Ella.

Some speculated that the bear was using the mud to keep bugs off his coat.

The Rise of the Trail Camera

Trail cameras are increasingly ubiquitous, capturing animal behavior rarely observed by the human eye. Just this week, PetaPixel reported on a bear going for a four-hour nap directly in front of a trail camera in Arizona.

The relative inexpensiveness and simplicity of setting up a trail camera is appealing, particularly for those who live in rural areas — it is a great way of seeing the wild animals that cohabit in the area they live in.

Most animals simply ignore trail cameras — but not all of them. This month, PetaPixel reported on a great blue heron that viciously attacked a trail camera just after it swallowed a frog.

And last month, Mark Clement of Ontario, Canada, captured a rare “spirit moose” on his trail camera. The all-white moose are highly elusive and it is very unusual to see one. They are considered sacred and a sign of good luck by the First Nation in the area.

Image credits: All photos courtesy of Roxborough State Park.